The Asset Management Council

For maintenance engineers and asset management practitioners.

What is asset management?

Asset management merges asset integrity, functionality and safety with leadership and economic skills. It is a growing field dedicated to engineering increased profitability, strength and sustainability into the processes of an organisation.

Now commonly called maintenance engineers, asset management professionals may focus on aspects of an organisation like a particular workflow, equipment management or individual worksite. They can also engineer a broader process such as wide infrastructures and complex supply chains.

About the Asset Management Council

The Asset Management Council (AMC) is a non-profit organisation committed to advancing the asset management knowledge and capability of members and the broader community. As an independent professional body, the AMC unites working engineers and organisations from asset intensive industries to increase Australia’s international competitiveness.

Courses, the Asset Management Body of Knowledge, technical papers, forums and events are among the services provided. The AMC is a Technical Society within Engineers Australia and a founding member of the Global Forum on Maintenance and Asset Management.

Vision, mission and objectives

The AMC's vision is to 'enable value from effective asset management'. Their mission is to 'engage our stakeholders to transfer knowledge to create a deeper understanding of asset management'.

The AMC is focussed on the following objectives:

  • Strengthening and enhancing aptitude in asset management and maintenance engineering for professionals and organisations.
  • Promoting best-practice techniques for asset management and maintenance engineering.
  • Promoting participation from practitioners as well as contribution to company activities.
  • Fostering connections at both national and global levels.
  • Promoting participation from allied occupations.
  • Encouraging research and increasing knowledge of asset management.

Assets for members - resources and opportunities

The AMC has firm affiliations and partnerships with organisations such as The World Partners in Asset Management and Broadspectrum. They enrich the field with webinars and platforms including the Asset Management Body of Knowledge (AMBoK). They also provide opportunities for volunteering, training, certification and events.

If you’re an engineer interested in asset management, joining the AMC offers invaluable opportunities for networking, expanding your knowledge and staying abreast of changes and advancements in your discipline.

Join the AMC

For more information and the opportunity to join your peers and industry leaders, sign up today.

Visit the Asset Management Council website

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