Institute of Public Works Engineering Australia (IPWEA)

For engineers specialising in the creation and maintenance of public works.

The Institute of Public Works Engineering Australasia serves engineers in Australia and New Zealand, providing a member-based community and advocacy platform for engineering professionals specialising in public works.

As an organisation, the IPWEA has a foundation of high esteem and repute gained by serving Australia for over a century. Existing under different names since 1905 and evolving into the Institute of Public Works Engineering Australia in 1999, the IPWEA carries enduring principles into the 21st century.

The IPWEA is dedicated to the “enhancement of the quality of life and liveability of our communities.” The organisation is driven to inspire members, share knowledge, collaborate with industry and provide leadership that works towards the betterment of policy and industry.

Engineers specialising in public works engineering will find a great range of professional development opportunities with the IPWEA. The IPWEA facilitates connections between members, with multiple divisions, communities and networking platforms to join.

The majority of public infrastructure consulting firms are members of the IPWEA, covering facets of public works engineering such as transport, power and trade frameworks. The IPWEA is composed of engineering leaders, experts in public works from roads and rail systems to airports, shipping depots, water systems and more.

With events, in-house training, corporate affiliates and international connections, the IPWEA serves public works engineers and their industries with experience and dedication.

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