Assessment of Qualifications and Competencies

Our assessment processes are integral to the membership and registration.


Engineers Australia membership and registration on the National Registers may require assessment of competence at two stages:

  • Stage 1 Competency Assessment
  • Stage 2 Competency Assessment

Stage 1 Competency Assessment

Eligibility for Membership OR Migration Skills Assessment

Eligibility for Membership is based on a Stage 1 Competency Assessment. This assessment DOES NOT satisfy immigration requirements. If you need an assessment for the purpose of immigration to Australia, please refer to the Migration Skills Assessment.

For applications lodged within Australia (includes GST)

  • Eligibility for Membership (Stage 1 Competency) Assessment Fee: $715.00
  • Eligibility for Membership (Stage 1 Competency) Assessment Appeal Fee: $550.00
  • Eligibility for Membership (Stage 1 Competency) Assessment Review Fee: $275.00

 For applications lodged outside Australia

  • Eligibility for Membership (Stage 1 Competency) Assessment Fee: $650.00
  • Eligibility for Membership (Stage 1 Competency) Assessment Appeal Fee: $500.00
  • Eligibility for Membership (Stage 1 Competency) Assessment Review Fee: $250.00

Eligibility for Membership (Stage 1 Competency) Assessment

Please note there will be a change in assessment fees from 1st July 2016.

  • for applications lodged outside of Australia: $665.00
  • for applications lodged within Australia: $665.00 + GST = $731.50

The usual turnaround time is about 4 weeks depending on our workload and the condition of the application. Please refrain from contacting Engineers Australia within this timeframe, as it will further delay processing time for all applications.

You need to complete a Stage 1 Competency Assessment if your engineering qualification is not accredited or recognised by Engineers Australia. Examples include:

  • Candidates holding Australian engineering qualifications that have not been accredited or approved by Engineers Australia
  • Candidates holding engineering qualifications from overseas countries from which Engineers Australia does not recognise the qualifications
  • Candidates holding qualifications in engineering or fields related to engineering, which are not recognised by Engineers Australia, but who may have post-graduate qualifications in engineering and substantial experience in engineering work

Overseas residents seeking assessment of their engineering qualifications by Engineers Australia for the purpose of immigration to Australia should visit the Migration Skills Assessment page

See a full list of accredited or recognised programs.

I have an accredited Australian qualification

You do not need further assessment. You are eligible to join Engineers Australia as a member in your occupational category.

Find out more about Engineer Australia Membership

I have an un-accredited Australian engineering qualification

You will need to complete Stage 1 Assessment if:

  • Your engineering qualification is not recognised or accredited with Engineers Australia
  • You have completed postgraduate engineering qualifications following an unaccredited first qualification or unrecognised overseas qualification
  • You have a combination of qualifications and significant responsible experience.

 I have an overseas engineering qualification

You do not need to complete a Stage 1 Assessment if your qualification is accredited under one of the following accords:

You do need to complete an assessment if your overseas engineering qualification is not accredited under one of these accords. This assessment may take one of two forms:

  • Migration Skills Assessment: if you will be using the assessment to apply for permanent migration to Australia. A positive outcome is accepted as evidence of a required qualification for the purposes of an application for membership and registration.
  • Stage 1 Assessment: if you want to join Engineers Australia or register on an Australian National Engineering Register. This will not fully meet the requirements for Migration Skills Assessment - for example, MSA requires more rigorous evidence of English Language competency and stricter evidence of employment claimed in CV.

To access our online application system, you will need an EA ID.  If you do not already have an EA ID you will need to register for one. Registration requests can be made online.

Online Application

Download the Stage 1 Guide for details on the assessment of eligibility for membership using the online application process (Stage 1 Competency).

You will also need to view the Stage 1 Competency Standards in conjunction with the Stage 1 Guide.


Still not sure? Contact us for more information.

Stage 2 Competency Assessment

If you wish to apply for registration on a National Engineering Register or get Chartered Status, you may need to undergo a Stage 2 competency assessment.

I am not a member of Engineers Australia

You do not need to join Engineers Australia to register on the National Engineering Registers, however you will need to satisfy the requirements to be registered.

If you choose to join Engineers Australia, you will also achieve membership and Chartered Status along the way. Members are provided with additional help and advice in preparing to meet these requirements. Professional Development Programs and CPEng workshops are normally only available to members.

  • Application and assessment for Chartered Membership and registration is detailed in the eChartered section of this website.

I am a member of Engineers Australia, but not a Chartered member

You must apply for Chartered Membership in your occupational category. Registration will be achieved along with Chartered status. You must indicate clearly on your application the area(s) of practice you require.

  • Learn more about Chartered Membership 
  • Application and assessment for Chartered Membership and registration is detailed in the eChartered section of this website

 I am a member of an overseas engineering association

You can check whether your overseas engineering association has a Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA) with Engineers Australia.

If an agreement is in place and you are eligible to apply through the Mutual Recognition Agreement. Login and apply now.

I am a current Chartered member

If you are a current Chartered Professional Engineer (CPEng) and your CPD and Practice Review is up-to-date, you need only provide an application for registration on NPER. An up-to-date CV and a record of recent CPD are not necessary, but can be submitted for our records.

A current Chartered Professional Engineer (CPEng) will have achieved CPEng since 1995 or will have been granted a satisfactory CPD and Practice Review outcome within the last five years. (All persons registered on the NPER meet these criteria.)

Please refer to the National Engineering Register.

Application and assessment for Chartered Membership and registration is detailed in the eChartered section of this website.


Still not sure? Contact our eChartered Team for more information.



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