Project management

Leading teams and delivering successful outcomes.

Highly successful projects are completed under the guidance of skilled project managers, and Australian industries need more engineers with this type of experience. Engineering Education Australia has been delivering project management training for over a decade through our own Registered Training Organisation.

We've partnered with an engineering faculty from a Melbourne university at the forefront of engineering, to develop a nationally accredited course for engineers seeking project management training. As a registered education provider with the Project Management Institute, we offer an exceptional course developed by management experts.

Project management for engineers

Choose from a variety of study options to attain project management credentials while continuing to work. You can study online or in a blended format that combines online learning with in-person workshops. You can even have your prior experience assessed, with the potential to contribute to completion of this course.

Our program is tailored to your needs, with your previous experience and industry’s demands considered to ensure you learn the skills necessary for your specific occupation.

Get qualified as a project manager

Are you ready to take your engineering career to the next level? Do you own a business with future leaders in the making? Sign up today at Engineering Education Australia and get started on a Diploma of Project Management.

Learn more about Project Management for engineers

Project management for businesses

We believe there’s no better place to find future project managers than within your already-proven teams. As companies grow, dedicated employees often need to rise to the task of leadership and we'll equip these employees with the skills and experience to successfully lead your company.

We work with you to customise the best approach for your needs, taking into account your team’s prior management experience and the needs of the industries you operate in. Your engineers can learn online or through a blended program and we can even create an in-house training option unique to your requirements.

We have the ability to asses the skills of any engineer on your team and craft a unique program to suit their professional development. This method of bespoke training is exclusive to EEA and allows us to effectively shape your management to meet their highest potential.

A well-trained project manager will guide a task to completion. An EEA expert-trained project manager will decrease costs and increase reputation to continually bring value to you and your clients.

Learn more about customised Project Management training today


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